Oooh that was no fun

Well that cold I had, still have, turned out to be a bit worse than I thought. I’ll spare you the details and instead leave you with a thought or two over the past week. I hope to never have another cough that’s so nasty and just plain terrible, and I hope to never feel as drained as I did. With that being said I’ll move onto what I’ve been wanting to discuss; the book aka Dreamer.

Is it possible to open up your word doc, read a few lines and think… Oh dear lord I hate this? Of course this could be the result of cold issues, where you’re miserable from the symptoms so in turn everything else that you come into contact with makes you just as miserable, until your symptoms clear up.

Yesterday I was trying to write and I was trying to spend some much needed time on Dreamer; because I hadn’t been able to work on it all throughout last week, and those of you that know me, know that I cannot go too long without writing, otherwise I get very agitated. So while trying to push out some ideas I thought I that I’d look over a previous chapter to refresh my memory. In retrospect this probably wasn’t the best idea, looking back on my desire to write yesterday, verses my misery status; I would’ve found something wrong with everything and I would’ve hated everything single thing that I’ve written.

I’m guessing that’s why you shouldn’t write while battling cold symptoms; because absolutely nothing looks good to anybody when you’re sick; unless it’s a soak in the tub for a while.

Well let’s see how Dreamer will look to me today, hopefully a tad better.


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