Your standard crappy cold is making it’s rounds around Worcester and I am one of it’s unlucky recipients. As far as colds go I must say that this one hasn’t been too bad thus far. Lots of fatigue, itchy scratchy sore throat, cough, and light sneezing attacks; (which doesn’t make me go through an entire box of tissues within a day’s time frame.)

The issue that I cannot stand in the least when I’ve got a cold, is that feeling of being pulled slowly through this fog until the sun shines and the fog lifts; I always feel like my ability to function has almost been completely depleted out of me. Still I have to get up and go, I can’t allow myself to get lost in this fog.

On a side note you know what beverage I have taken a liking to as of recently? Hot peppermint tea, I tried a cup earlier tonight as a substitute for my usual hot tea mixed with honey; it was pretty good and I am usually not the biggest fan of hot tea.


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