Post holiday slacking

Alright I confess, as of tonight I am 100% guilty of slacking off with this blog and my writing; however I think there is an allowed grace period post holidays. Okay so I’m making that part up, but there should be an grace period. Think about it, we go from the chaos of working to the pure insanity that is referred to as Thanksgiving preparations; where we over buy on food, clean our homes (as if we’re spring cleaning,) and finally cook a gigantic meal, to which we’ll have leftovers from for about a week.

Just going through the motions alone leaves you feeling drained, and then pile a turkey dinner on top of it all and you could sleep for a week. Alright I think that’s enough of my Thanksgiving raving.

Tonight I need to push myself whole hog Dreamer wise, though I will say that I did pretty well on Monday night, I think I wrote around 750 words, but that was then and this is now. Tonight may prove to be a bit more difficult than Monday night; for some reason on Monday the words just poured out of me like a faucet; which more than likely had to do with coming back from the holiday break. Perhaps I’ll still have some good luck for tonight.

Well here’s to hoping anyway.


2 thoughts on “Post holiday slacking

  1. Slacking off is a noble art and needs to be indulged in once in a while just to keep sane. I neglect my blog more and more recently and need to follow your example and get something done. Having said that The Phantom of the Opera is a cracking book and I do need to read just that next page…

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