Post Thanksgiving

It’s good to be back in the blogsphere, I really missed the blogging universe while I was on holiday. But I was also grateful for the break because the past week was so busy, It’s all a blur of painting an accent wall, showing the apartment house to possible buyers,  and prepping for two different Thanksgiving feasts; which has probably caused me to go up two jean sizes, but that’s the holidays for you.

Early this morning I awoke from my slumber, it was going on 4AM when I had this idea to rip a certain section of Dreamer apart and do a re-write, so once I am done posting this little article I plan on having a look at the section and seeing if my idea will work, or if it might have indeed been some random crazy thought that I had during the night. Either way I think that it got my creative juices cooking, which is a plus when you’re just coming down from holiday insanity.

Oh, I almost forgot, I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you all enjoyed spending time with your loved ones. I was going to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving but with the holiday madness it got away from me.


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