Holiday break

I think this shall be my last post, until Thanksgiving passes; because this week is just going to crazy. I’m even thinking of taking a little vacay from writing as well, after tonight, but rest assured I will return on December 1st; both to blogging and to writing.

I feel like a little R&R is certainly needed around the holiday season, it gives your mind a chance to refresh, and by so doing you come back with more ideas to bring to the table.

However seeing as how I’m not on my holiday break yet, there’s still the matter of writing for tonight. I am currently in the midst of chapter nine and I’d say that I’m halfway through it, and that I’ve got some ideas as to how to go about finishing off the chapter, but I’m not quite sure if they will work. I guess the best way to go about writing the second half to this chapter is by process of elimination. I’ll tryout the ideas that I’ve got in mind tonight and if I feel that they just simply do not fit in well with the story, I’ll move on to the next idea, until I find the idea that works. However I am hoping that this idea will be the one that will work, it would suck to be stuck on this second half for a while.


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