One of those chapters

I just finished a section in a chapter of Dreamer that I am most definitely sure that I despise. Though I’m sure every writer feels this, shall I call it a chapter slump? Where you’re happy that you’ve finished off a certain piece of the chapter that feels like it’s taken a month to write, however you are not fully satisfied with the way in which it turned out.

Perhaps it’s because I’m tired and should probably come back to it tomorrow once I’m all good and refreshed, but I really can’t stand that feeling. Although I will say, that when you do not feel one hundred percent satisfied about a chapter it does give you that proper momentum to go back and figure out where you went wrong and therefor allows you to solve the problem, so that’s a huge plus, and is also just another benefit to being a writer; not many professions allows for you to got back and fix a mistake, so I feel very lucky to have this opportunity available to me.

For tonight though I think I will call it a night. Nighty, night everyone.


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