Writing the endless journey

Are you looking for a career where you are always being challenged? A career where you’re forever learning? A career that takes you on numerous journeys? Well look no further…

I couldn’t resist it seemed like it would fit perfectly into what I want to discuss in this post. We all know that writing has so many benefits, to sum it up into a short list.

Writing benefits:


Provides a health therapeutic release

Challenges/Exercises your brain 

In my opinion there is a reason why writing a book should not be drawn out via story webs, numerous notes taken about the story itself, or by a list of writing guidelines in which to follow, for example: story world notes, character bios, back stories, etc. There’s a reason why there’s the term, Seat of the pants writer; because try as we might, we eventually wind up going off the road and are headed in a different direction. I’ve said this many times before a writer is a lot like a scientist; we may jot down notes, we may have blueprints drawn up, but when it comes down it more often than not we need to experiment with different ideas. Do they work? Sometimes, do they blow up in our face covering it with a strangely color liquid? Oh yes, and them comes the chemical shower.

Being a writer you’re often blind and clueless to what will happen during a session, you could write an entire chapter during one session and then go back and re-write it during another. Writing isn’t for the faint of heart and I often think that you almost have to have it locked into your DNA. But to those who can withstand the roller coaster ride of ups and downs, and the every twist and turn, are meant to experience the journey.

The journey is boundless, ever changing, constantly surprising, and also the most thrilling ride; along with frustrating, exhausting, and confusing. At the end of the day when you’re sending your completed manuscript into your agent you have a better grasp on writing and can take everything that you have learned and experienced while writing this book onto your next project, and the cycle repeats until the day comes that you decide to hang up your keyboard and retire, but at that point you’ve done it for so many years that it’s like a drug that you can’t quit no matter what you may say or do, and so the journey continues.


2 thoughts on “Writing the endless journey

  1. Hang up your keyboard, haha I like that. With words like these in your post it makes me wonder who would not want to be come a writer after you described it as thus.


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