A book under construction

I enjoy refreshing my memory over the “How to’s and the do not’s,” of writing; however it does at the same time ignite a spark of fear in me. That fear of screwing up crucial parts of your story, or of digging yourself into a hole which runs to the core of basic the rules of writing deep. I’m sure that all new and inexperienced writers feel this fear somewhat lurking on them, upon occasion.

This is certainly how I feel while reading through Dreamer and while thinking about Jenny Mac plot, storyline, characters, and what have you. Now before anyone gets excited, this is not me hinting that I’m working on Jenny Mac and that I’ve began writing the story, or have been jotting down notes; because I haven’t. Part of the reason being is because of what I was just talking about.

One of the biggest issues that I’ve had with Jenny Mac is no secret to those who have read my Jenny Mac stories from a long ways back; the POV, (Point Of View.) Amongst other issues with the backstory, plot, and a lack thereof excitement and suspense for the reader. Since I took a good look at what I had with Jenny Mac, which was a mess and poorly constructed, I tried to dig in a figure out what to do and where to go from there. The results were to start from scratch and to learn everything that I could possibly learn about proper fictional writing technique. Shortly there after, I decided to start writing a new story which some of you know as Dreamer; which I’m proud to say is showing loads of improvement,when comparing it to my old ways of writing and my old techniques.

Today after re-reading through a fiction writing guidebook I started thinking about the story that I decided to shelf until I’ve learned proper writing technique. Well I wouldn’t say that I’ve learned everything that a writer needs to know, but I find myself pondering the idea of, well not exactly blowing the dust off of Jenny Mac, but rather thinking of ideas. But I feel like if I were to start doing that, then my work with Dreamer might suffer; although as a writer I should not be afraid of the prospect of juggling two pieces of work. I know that it’s healthy to work on different pieces of writing and I might add, I’ve indeed done so before. However I still find that I am struggling with those same issues in Jenny Mac that described earlier in this post.

Perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to begin doing some research and drawing a plot outline web? Perhaps this would be the best thing to do; because I feel that I’m letting my writing fears rule me, and you can only run from your fears for so long before your forced to face them head on. So perhaps I should face them and learn to successfully juggle two pieces of writing.


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