A late blogging session

Lets see what thoughts will come to me during a late blogging session. First off I love this time of year, the weather cools down, there’s no more humidity that fries your brain, and we’ve almost reached daylight savings time; which will give us an extra hour of sleep. Who doesn’t love that. There is one issue  that I always seem to have when this season first swings into full bloom; I have a tendency once it gets dark to want to go to bed. Earlier this evening I felt so exhausted so I looked at the clock thinking that it would read 9PM, and instead it read 6:30.

I truly do love this time of year, in October we have pumpkins, scary movies, and candy. In November we stock to have a gigantic meal surrounded by family. In December we have Christmas trees, Menorahs, shopping, gifts to wraps, goodies to indulge in, time to spend with loved ones, and yet another huge meal. By New Years your running overtime at the gym and catching up on credit card bills. Okay so I rambled off there big time, but regardless of the craziness that we go through throughout this time of year I still enjoy every second; especially when walking my dog and getting to see all of the pretty colored trees. You don’t see beautiful autumn days in Colorado, that you’ll see out here on the east coast, and I love it; seeing all of these trees makes you want to jump into a big pile of leaves. Come to think of it, I don’t believe that I have ever done that before.

I can’t believe that this is what has come to mind for me during a late blogging session, but what are you gonna do? It’s just one of those random nights I guess, but I at least stuck to something relevant, and perhaps made you fan of this time of year if you weren’t really a fan before.

Well enjoy the rest of your evening all of you late night bloggers out there, and thanks for dropping by. 🙂


2 thoughts on “A late blogging session

  1. Meandering thoughts of reflection in an evening is always good. Leaves are brilliant all the different hues of colour, that satisfying crunch as you wade through a pile and yes that urge, nay the need to dive into a pile and say hello to any hedgehogs you may come across.

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