Since it’s October and since Halloween is right around the corner my family and I have been indulging in horror flicks. So far we’ve watched three different versions of Stephen King’s Carrie, Halloween, Halloween 6, I know what you did last summer, and tonight’s horror flick, Jeepers Creepers.

Almost every scary movie that we watched my sister has been in the same position that she’s usually in for every horror movie that she sees, curled up on the couch with her eyes closed and her ears covered. The poor thing couldn’t sit through a horror movie if her life depended on it. Oh and just so everyone knows she’s my older sister, not my younger sister so please don’t think I’m poking fun at her in an ill manner. When we watched Jeepers Creepers I really thought that she’d be able to sit through it, given that it’s a classic monster movie, but alas the questions began… “What’s going to happen? Is he going to pop up? Is she going to get killed? Will they survive?” All of these questions were asked with her head turned away from the screen. At the end of the movie I said “well it wasn’t that bad.” To which my sister replied, “Are you kidding it was horrifying.”

For me the one thing that calms me down and that also makes me laugh are the idiotic bits in horror movies when the characters do or say really stupid things. For instance,

“Let’s go back and check it out.”

Instead of running out the front door and screaming for help, I think that I’ll run up stairs, lock the door and hide under the bed.

These sentiments are not lost on my sister but rather intensified. “Why’d she go back into the house? Lady you’re so stupid!” “No don’t go and check it out, runaway. No don’t go back you moron!”

When it comes to horror movies I can handle a good percentage unless they’re really weird, gory, supernatural, about possession, or based on true events. Any others I can handle, until I have terrible nightmares then I want to chuck every horror movie that I own out the window. So I guess that I’m as bad as my sister but on a different level. I do however think a good scary movie is good for you every once in a while, it gets your blood flowing and your adrenaline pumping, so long as it’s not too horrifying at least.


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