Introducing Aunt Rebecca Katherine Reilly-Montcash

Now that I’ve gotten passed the holiday lovey-dovey section of Dreamer’s current chapter, I now have an introduction to make with a very influential person who’ll be coming into Rebecca’s life. This is also a challenge because Aunt Rebecca Katherine Reilly-Montcash fits the bill perfectly as a complex character, so I feel that I have to go about this intro very carefully. The biggest issue that I’m having a problem with, is her attitude. I feel that in a sense she should come off as a bit closed off and sort of cold, but also has this warmth within her that Rebecca will be able to pick up on.

I do feel however that when a long-lost aunt unexpectedly pops into your life, that it should be be extremely confusing and conflicting for my main character; which would compel Rebecca to instantly distrust this woman. Oh what to do, what to do?

You know I always felt that this introduction would be the easiest intro that I would make in this book but it has definitely turned out to be the most difficult; on the flip side of the coin I should’ve known that this would prove to be the most difficult introduction that I would make. Take my advice if you’re writing a book that semi autobiographical, you may want to really sit down and think about just exactly what you want to come out of this story and just how much of your own life you want to include within the book’s pages.

I have thought this over for the record, it’s just a bitch to get it down in that correct manner that I want to go about it. Your ideas are one thing, but writing them down is an entirely different experience.


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