Must write

Well it’s Wednesday night and I’m current kicking myself in the seat of the pants. I have not opened my Dreamer Word Doc since Friday night, ooh boy. I could blame my lack of story writing on a several things; it was a three-day weekend, I’ve been a tad under the weather lately, like any writer I’m a natural-born procrastinator, or I’ve been preoccupied for the past few days.

They’re all pretty decent excuses, but they’re excuses none the less and there is absolutely no excuse to keep myself away from my work for this amount of time, unless I’m on vacation but alas I am not. Though I will say I am very proud of the amount of writing that I accomplished on Friday night; 1,118 words and around six pages, I do believe it was. I’m very proud of myself because usually on a good day of writing I’ll reach say somewhere around 950 words, of course if it’s a bad day it’s somewhere around 400 words, but I digress.

This was indeed a pretty wonderful accomplishment for me and I hope that same magic could strike again soon; well it’s back to the world of Dreamer and all of Rebecca Reilly’s mountain scaling.


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