Head cold

Yesterday in the early afternoon a headache began to creep up on me, I hoped that it would go away with time however when babysitting a 4 year old, it’s more than likely that it would intensify and surely enough it did. If I’ve learned anything about headaches it’s that I should not impose more stress upon them; because then you’ll just have a heck of a night and one hell of a following day.

After trying to sleep it off and waking up with no relief, I tried pain relievers and they seemed to be effective for a bit, but then that pesky little headache popped back up, so I opted for the process of elimination. Allergies was the first things that came to mind and would make perfect sense given the season, however it wouldn’t explain the exhaustion that I’ve been feeling over the passed few days. I felt stuck trying to solve this riddle, until I asked my sister if she’d been having allergy related issues; and then she mentioned that her boyfriend was coming down with a head cold.

Ding, a light bulb went off over my head. This would explain the lingering headache, the exhaustion, and the bit of sinus pressure I began to notice earlier today. Well at least it’s not the flu and at least I know what has been causing this headache to linger.Now to flush this thing out of my system and rest, or at least try to rest.


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