The Christmas chapter

Christmas the word instantly reminds us of joy, peace, love, and holiday sweets. However 9 times out of 10 in a book Christmas Day is known as disastrous; either it doesn’t go as the character plans, or some major event occurs that puts a damper on what should be a truly blessed and joyous day.

I’ve been struggling with how I want my Christmas chapter to turnout; on one hand I would really like to see Rebecca truly experience the magic that is Christmas, but on the other hand what’s a Christmas chapter without a little mayhem? Perhaps I can find an equal measure of both magic and mayhem; because I know that the Christmas chapter has to open up this new layer of plot that leads Rebecca down a twisted and confusing path; which will ultimately test her character. The issue of course is how to go about it? Perhaps since it is Christmas I could deploy the old Christmas miracle bit to introduce a new character into Rebecca’s life who eventually does lead her down this complicated path. Hmm, this actually sounds like it could solve my problem, hopefully without it coming off in some corny way.

I think that I can make this work in someway and actually make it sound believable, though I should probably draw up some notes to ensure that it plays out in the correct form.


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