Push out some ideas

Well it’s back to work after taking the weekend off. I feel like tonight’s going to be a bit tough writing wise because I’ve been running around since I got up this morning, perhaps a cup of pumpkin spice coffee is in order, maybe not though; I always get the jitters and I feel like I received too much of a boost.

I’ll just have to push through this exhaustion naturally without the aid of caffeine it’s not good for you anyway. Now how to proceed with Dreamer? Hmm, this may take some thought. I’m having some issues continuing with a chapter I started working on a few days ago and I thought that I had a good idea on how to go about the direction of the chapter, but now I’m afraid that I am bit more lost than I was a few days ago. Perhaps I’m not going in the direction that I should be going in? Either way I need to solve this problem.


6 thoughts on “Push out some ideas

      1. That’s a very good point, sometimes we need to slow down and do some deep breathing exercises, followed by thirty minutes of stretching. Taking in the peaceful atmosphere.


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