Graveyard shift

Last night I was doing a little late night studying when an idea popped into my head. For some reason lately I’ve noticed that I’ve been functioning better at night, so I decided that tonight I would give the graveyard writing shift a whirl. Personally I think that writing at night just may serve as a more efficient work environment.

If you really stop to think about writing during the day, you’ll come to realize that there are way too many distractions during the day. Where as at night things have quieted down quite a bit, you’ve already had your dinner and eventually everyone will be going to sleep; which leaves the writer in a complete silent bliss. Not to mention the stresses from the day just seem to fade away, until you’re left with your thoughts, your laptop, and you’re own universe where your characters come to life; kind of like your own version of Toy Story (minus the toys.)

This graveyard shift should prove to be most interesting.


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