He For She

I heard about this campaign yesterday while on Facebook and was so moved by Emma Watson’s speech that I wanted to share it with you; however before I post the YouTube video I would like you share with you my thoughts. Many of you know that I am a supporter of equal rights for LGTB equality, but what I have not mentioned is my stand for feminism.

Throughout my life I was looked upon as weak to most not only because I was a girl, but also because I was also a petite. I was probably three times smaller than my classmates, as a result I would rebut and try to do the same things that the boys were doing, at one point I even wanted to tryout for a peewee football team. That fortunately did not come to pass because I think it scared the living daylight out of my mother, and I would’ve probably been cut from the team because I was so tiny.

When I was thirteen encountered a lot you cants because I was was a girl. An ex-boyfriend would also tell me things like “girls aren’t strong enough to do things that guys can do.” That would always anger me because it seemed like girls and women were instantly shot down because we’re looked at as the weaker sex. I learned more and more as the years went on that my assumptions were true.

In my eyes that was something that shouldn’t even be assumed. Woman are strong, intelligent, and capable; which should be looked at with the utmost respect. So today I want to join Emma Watson’s He For She campaign to give women the same opportunities as men, and equal wages. I hope that this campaign serves as a step in the right direction for human equality.


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