Coming to a boil

I’m so excited because certain actions that are developing in Dreamer will be opening up the story on a completely different level. I feel that once this fight scene wraps up every little detail is going to deepen, causing certain subplots to darken; which adds more depth to Rebecca and her characteristics as you go through the story.

My sister has told me many times “to embrace the struggle,” because there has surely been times of my life where I’ve dealt with a great deal of struggles; however my methods of getting through them was to get through the days and sometimes complain that those struggles seemed to getting worse and were lasting longer. But was at these moments where I would complain that she’d tell me; the struggle is what tests you and shapes you as a woman and if you can embrace the situation that you are in and deal with it to the best of your abilities until you get through it, then it adds to your character. I agree with all of that and I have found a way to put that lesson into practice within the pages of Dreamer, by so doing I think that it will only make this story that much more powerful and I think that is an important element to have in a book that is heavy with drug addiction. I’d also like to think that by Rebecca reacting in the way that she does will at some point down the line serve as inspiration for her mother to stop using Codeine; because what I’ve learned is that if you do have that correct inspiration, it can help you get clean and make you want to rebuild your life. Because I definitely feel that her daughter should serve as the right inspiration for Kay, and what a better way for someone to see the light than to see it through your children.

Anyway that’s what’s going on in Dreamer at the moment and it should wind up to be a very emotional ride.


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