20,000 words

I was going to write a post about this yesterday, but I was too distracted from the news of my interview, so I’m talking about it today instead. On Monday night I reached the 20,000 word mark. It’s so exciting, at 10,000 word mark you’re off to a good start, but the 20.000 word mark symbolizes that you are invested in your story, and it is such a good feeling.

Now of course I’ve only got 40,000 more words to go to reach the novel marker; the closest that I have ever come to the 60,000 word mark ranked in at 42,158; which is not a bad strive if you think about it.

Really the most challenging bit about reaching that 60,000 word marker is how much story you have to put into it, if you fall short and you’re not satisfied, then you may need to do a decent amount of revising in order to reach that goal; however you’re satisfied with the work and the time that you’ve invested in your story, then that’s wonderful. Satisfaction with your story is the ultimate goal and if you’re lucky enough to feel that sense of pride at the end of the writing process, then you have done your job well.

I wonder how quickly I’ll reach the 30,000 word mark? I should keep a record of it to track my progress, that would be kind of interesting and fun to do. Well I’ll catch you guys later.


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