Wake up call

This morning I had a lot of laundry to do; which means trips back and forth to the laundry mat because my dryer belt is done. However I was having one of those Monday mornings where getting up and actually functioning was difficult, and I’m positive that my body was still on weekend time. Because of my lack of get up and go, I decided to wait until tomorrow to do the laundry which was good because after I decided to postpone laundry day my neighbor asked me for a favor.

This morning I spent some time with my neighbor’s 4 year-old daughter while  mama bear ran errands. She’s such a happy energetic little thing, who wore out my my little puppy. As a matter of fact I think he’s still sleeping. They were so cute when they were playing together. ❤ Later on after Buddy wanted to take a break from the 4 year-old she wanted to watch TV. I’ll tell you something right now I owe my family big time for putting up with me during  my Barney phase; with every singalong I wanted to to put earplugs in my ears. I honestly think that shows like that were meant to drive the adults insane, but at least it kept the little one happy.

The good news from having that exercise this morning is that I’m fully awake and focused. Now to get some work done with Dreamer, I think I’ve got a pretty good idea where I want the story to go, as a result I think that there will be quite a bit of entertaining drama that will keep you sucked in while reading; which of course is always the goal. There’s going to be a fight, there going to be sort of a stand off between the teens and the authority figures, and there will be more subplot twists. This should be very interesting and fun to write indeed.


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