A stroke of inspiration

Well folks new ideas for chapter six hit me like a freight train tonight and I couldn’t be more thrilled. First off I love the way the book shaping up, and I am so proud of the fact that my writing is actually improving. I can honestly say it’s a night and day difference when compared to where I was when I was writing Jenny Mac.

I can now point out many, many of the flaws in Jenny Mac, not that I’ve looked back at the story or anything like that; it’s more like mental notes where I’ll think back and go… Oh that’s where I went wrong here and that’s where I went wrong there. It’s such a brilliant feeling knowing that your craft is improving, it’s truly a sense of empowerment that lifts you up to climb and explore new heights.

It excites me to think of the end result and what you guys will think of the story once it’s eventually out there.

Anyway as I was saying before tonight inspiration struck and I think that this chapter is shaping up to be my favorite so far; because not only does it deal with the typical teenage problems it’s intensifies them with this psychological issue that Rebecca must confront and address. It’s when that she confronts this major issue that she can fully understand her life, her domestic situation, her strive to leave this town and her pain behind her, and finally her drive to be accepted into college so that she can have a better, and not become just another statistic.

I think I may have accidentally found the missing piece of the puzzle for her story and it’s all thanks to a writing textbook. Ah the things that can inspire you, you’ve got to love it.   


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