Last week I began to read through what I have so far of my Dreamer first draft. I added the characters appearances and a few other things revolving around their appearance such as height, clothing, weight and etc. I reached page 11 when new ideas for the current chapter I was thinking about popped into my head, abandoning the read through that I’d begun; to commence work on the newest chapter.

Now that I’ve fixed and completed chapter five, I’d like to pickup where I last left off reading; hopefully I can get through a decent percentage before new ideas for chapter six enter my mind. I once came across this term while reading a writing textbook that described the type of writer a person is. I am positively s seat of the pants writer. The type of writer to type out new ideas and edit later.

I wish I were more patient when it comes to writing out story worlds, character bios, geographical settings, and plot ideas for the story but sadly I’m not. Although in my opinion when you’re writing a single book, I don’t feel that all of those things are needed. If you were writing a series then I can surely understand it and why you would need it; because that info you jot down is basically like your bible to look back at through out the series.

I will say that I will definitely need to use this method once I return to Jenny Mac; however until that time I shall continue with my seat of the pants method/writing style.


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