Night Owl

Today my landlord came over to begin painting my kitchen so because of his work and some house work that needed to be done, tonight I am a night owl. I’ve decided to kick off a night of writing with a blog post. Oh by the way the winning photo is #1, and thank you to everyone who voted and for also helping make this decision.

Boy I feel like I’m going to need a little pick me up.

In Dreamer news the writing is going really well, I’m experimenting with kind of a sex scene and it’s kinda of interesting; I’ve never really jumped into that zone of writing before. Although I’m not sure if the scene will stick I’d like to see how everything wraps up in the first draft, and whether I feel that particular scene is right for the story. I’m not exactly sure what made me even want to write a sex scene in the story. I think at the time that it popped into my head I had been up most of Sunday night unable to sleep, so insomnia may have had a hand in this particular thought process.

However I do think that the aftermath of the actions revolving around this scene should prove to be interesting, and challenging all at the same time; both for the characters and for the writer. This scene definitely has me excited to see the end results; even though that’s still a ways off. Onward and upward!         


4 thoughts on “Night Owl

  1. If you decide not to go with the actual scene, you could always imply it and then go straight to the aftermath, there is a lot of scope for thought on it certainly…perhaps you write some of that terrible ‘erotica’ that people seem to love to buy as well…making money from people who like smut is alway a noble bussiness venture.


    1. Erotica, not really my thing or even something that I would consider reading. After thinking about it over the weekend I think I will go with your suggestion, imply it and then shoot to the aftermath; because I don’t want this story to be looked at or thought of as smut.


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