Where would we be without writers?

Writing is the oldest profession around and yet we’re mocked by some, either out of jealousy or ignorance. There is one thing that we take for granted on a daily basis and that is being fortunate enough to pick up a book and read. Reading is not only good exercise for you brain, but it also increases your IQ.

Among those two important aspects reading also opens up your imagination and allows us to dream. Dream up ways to help ourselves, to help others, to improve the world, and to improve life. Reading inspires you and challenges you to reach greater heights.

If we did not have this wonderful gift available where would we be as a society? Personally I think we’d all revert back to cavemen and women. So every time you pick up a book thank the writer because if it weren’t for writers we would have no way to increase our intelligence, to dream, to be inspired, and to create.         


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