What sparked my interest in writing a character like Rebecca Reilly

Throughout my life, my childhood especially I was exposed to behaviors that you wouldn’t ordinarily see from parental figures. It’s common to see a parental figure to come home from work and have a glass of wine, or a couple beers. What I would see parental figures come home, hide away in the basement and partake in different substances. So seeing that behavior always captivated my interest.

From a very young age I wanted to understand why some use substance but have never grasped the reasoning behind it, and what interested me in a character like Rebecca is that she’s a seventeen year old girl who is mixed with different emotions on the substance abuse issues in her home. Most of the time she’ll act like she doesn’t want to understand, that she just wants to get out of there and go off to college; to try to create a normal life for herself. But under the surface there’s this battle in her mind where she really does want to understand her mother and step father, and where she doesn’t want to feel this anger and hatred towards them; for the decisions they’ve made and in the way that they act.

Rebecca doesn’t really get to have this normal teenage experience of fuck ups, young love, and rights of passage because of her home life problems. So she surpassed that age of discovery and has to be the person to keep it together; because no one else in her family has in the past or will now. She quite literally has to carry this enormous weight on her shoulders; because she’s expected by everyone in her town to be this huge screw up. She feels this drive to prove all of those people who have got their noses up in the air wrong, but it’s also a lot of pressure at that same time, and it’s in those moments of pressure that her vulnerable side is exposed and you see just how little she’s hanging on.

When you have all of that mixed in with somebody young and who is just trying to find her way you’re in for an interesting ride; while holding your breath wondering is she going to make it?      


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