The Casual Vacancy

In many ways I think that this book was expected to be brilliant because it was written by one of the most successful authors. I think most expected it to be as brilliant or just as engaging as the Harry Potter series was. I’ll be the first to admit that when I picked up this book a couple of years ago that’s what I expected, something brilliant for adults that would be adventurous and engaging.

When I began to read this book a couple years ago it surprised me but it eventually lost my interest. About two years later I decided to pick it up again, for creative purposes for my own story. There is one character in this story that I think people would want to learn about the most out of many different characters this particular character is one that keeps you drawn into the story itself.

Krystal Weedon has basically been shoved through the school system and hasn’t had a proper chance at an education. She’s looked at as a lost cause to most; because of her family, her residence, her history and her reputation. She is the only character that truly needs saving, but unfortunately never gets to be fully helped or rescued. I think that among all of this town’s and townspeople’s issues it’s really Krystal’s own story that keeps your interest.

Two years ago I didn’t think that this story was as brilliant as I anticipated it to be, but now I’ve seen what I was too blinded to notice before.

All of the townspeople have their own issues and nobody is perfect but at the heart of the book it’s about helping somebody who is in need and connecting the dots that others are either to selfish or too blind to see.




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