Jacob Harr

I’m not exactly sure why I decided to talk about this character first; especially when the obvious choice would be Rebecca Reilly, but why go with the obvious main character? Why not mix it up a bit.

Jacob Harr is Rebecca’s step father and is a very complex individual. I’d like to say that long before he crossed paths with Kay (Rebecca’s mother), he was a very nice and decent man. However at some point in his past he was faced with a lot of pain which later would transform into inward conflict that eventually turned into a constant battle in his mind, and it was during that inward battle that he chose to self medicate to escape those inward conflicts that he had.

Jacob qualifies extravagantly as a meth head and has reached the point of no return, though I’m not sure how somebody can actually come back from a meth addiction after being on it for as long as he has; because at this point he’d be completely insane. With that being said you’ll see a lot of irrational thoughts and actions from him that will make Rebecca’s life that much more difficult.

He is without question an utter disaster and there will be times that the audience will hate him, and want him to be either thrown in jail or into a rehabilitation center. I do think however think that readers will understand him and why he turned to drugs; I’m not sure if you would pity him, but you’ll at least understand him.


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