Do you want to be a writer?

Here are a few simple steps to take if you want to be a writer.

1 Sit down think of something interesting and start typing

2 Start a blog to get your writing out there

3 Research

4 Write until you’ve come up with something that people will actually like

5 Relax and let your instincts lead you the rest of the way

Well there you have it five easy to follow steps, who knew becoming a writer could so simple.

If only it were that easy but if writing were that simple everyone would be a writer, though I must admit when I was fifteen I was actually this naive. Nine years later and I still agree with number 5.

Happy Friday 😀


14 thoughts on “Do you want to be a writer?

  1. Yup, this is pretty much where I was at when I started out too (minus the blogging thing). Sad thing is, if you listen to all the advice given to aspiring writers out there, the list would be too long to read.


  2. Blogs are great and get your work out to loads of different countries too…I think each blogger who you visit and who reciprocates brings another dimension to your thoughts and words.


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