Why I enjoy writing Dreamer

Thus far with Dreamer you’ve read a few scenes and you’ve read about the progress that I’ve made with writing Dreamer. Starting tonight I’d like to start a segment that discusses the story, background, story inspiration, characters, and etc.

When I first began to think about the story I didn’t know where my ideas would lead, for instance I wasn’t sure whether I wanted it to be a short story, novella, or a novel. Of course as all new writing projects progress you eventually figure out the length range of your own story; and if you’ve just discovered my blog its going to be novel length.

Ordinarily the type of stories that inspire me are those of fantasy, and fights of good versus evil, so for me Dreamer is a giant leap into a new world of writing. Though I don’t completely remember what sparked my imagination to write this story; I am reminded of why I wanted to write Dreamer.

For this story I drew from my own personal experiences; growing up I’d seen a lot of the other side of the tracks and I think now that I’m older I understand to best of my knowledge/ability why people may turn to drugs and alcohol. Or at least why certain people I knew went down that road. But issues with drugs and alcohol aren’t the only struggles that you’ll encounter in and throughout the story; however tonight I don’t want to give away the whole background, so I’ll save it for another night.       


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