I confess

Here’s something that I guarantee you do not know about me. I am not a fan of TV series, unless they can truly capture my interest. This well… It’s not a TV series it’s a Netflix series and I confess that I am 100% hooked on Orange is the new black.

I love it and that about wraps up my admiration towards the show. Truth be told I wanted to write a blog post but I didn’t know what to write, so yes I talked about a Netflix show.

Anyway the writing for Dreamer is going well and I’m so excited to see it as the story deepens and progresses, I’m not really sure how much Rebecca is going to go through throughout the story. I’m not sure what’ll happen to her in certain situations or even how she’ll handle, or react to them when they come at her. What I do know is that the possibilities along with the actual writing excites me.

Ah, the rush of writing there’s nothing quite like it.

Well I’m out of blogland for the night so I’ll see you all later.


6 thoughts on “I confess

  1. I have never watched it, I am wary of hyped American TV as a lot of it tends to disappoint my picky nature.

    Glad to hear you are making progress with Dreamer…keep it up!


    1. Maybe you could give this show a shot, it may surprise you and if it doesn’t you can tell me how much you disliked it.
      I shall indeed; it’d be nice to write another 20 pages or so.


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