Back to Rehab

I began writing this song a couple of days before my birthday and completed it last night. I’ve got to say I love the feel of the lyrics, the first half has a hip hop feel and the second half transitions into an R&B soul kind of feel. I hope you enjoy it.


I’m currently fading in and out of reality, slipping over a fantasy. I know that all of this pondering is just complete toxicity, but as long as I’ve got this paper and pen sitting right here in front of me, I figure I can at least do some homemade therapy.

A broken heart is nothing a little songwriting couldn’t solve, hell maybe this one will earn me a Grammy.

I feel like I’ve lost my ability to think logically cause chica I swear that I’ve got you locked into almost every single one of my adolescent memories, wondering if this is how this first love shit is supposed to be.

Girl I swear that you were always the piece to complete me, even though I don’t ever think that I’ll fully understand why we went our separate ways.

I just know that I miss our movie dates.

Sitting in the back of the theater watching the latest Harry Potter, and you whispering random thoughts in my ear; me wanting so badly to hold your hand throughout the movie.

Now it’s going on my twenty-fourth Birthday and I’m wishing for you to somehow find your way back to me, that way I’d know that we were meant to be, but alas it’s just a fantasy.

Looks like its back to rehab for me.

You know we use to be so close and every time we’d see each other I could feel our connection; along with our love grow.

Ten years later we’re more like acquaintances, two ships passing in the night.

So many times I’ve tried to keep my mind from thoughts of you and I, but girl you’re like a drug that my heart can’t deny. I’d go as long as I possibly could but you’re pure heroin.

(You got me hooked.)

And I’m spiraling out of control for just one more chance at the high.

I find myself in rehab more than I care to admit and the way things are looking; I’ll have to surrender again; just hoping that this time will be the last time, the final fight.

Leaving me wanting to get on with my life, no I can’t go back to rehab, this will be the last time that you’ll ever cross my mind; I’m waving goodbye to you and I.


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