The world at my feet

IMG_0292This photograph was snapped after I received my test scores for my GED tests, needless to say that I passed. As you can plainly tell from the smile on my face. Looking at this photo now brings back memories. I was 19 when this photo was taken, with a bright future ahead, and endless potential. Heck on a day like that it was the best that you could hope for.

Now, a little over four years later I still feel the same as I did then; which is either incredibly fortunate or incredibly foolish. However seeing as how I have yet to let the real world throw me into a depressive state about life, I would indeed say that I am fortunate.

On a realistic scale; others may disagree with my comment above because I am a struggling writer who’s still trying to find her voice. Though I think I’m well on my way to finding it. I may have already found it and now it’s merely a matter of pulling everything together. Much in my life has changed since that photo, but my goals remain the same; which all revolve around being published and making a career out of something that most wouldn’t dare to attempt, I guess that’s the difference between the dreamers and the realists. The dreamers are led not by fear but rather what makes them happy in life, for me it’s writing and songwriting.

In another four years I hope to look back at this photo and this post with a wide spread smile on my face, reminiscing about everything that I have been able to accomplish, see, do, be a part of, etc. Then to be able to wonder what’s next for me and what my next book will be. Will I indeed have the world at my feet?


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