I’m not sure what to title this post so I think that I’ll just leave the multiple question marks for the title. Last night I’m happy to report that I was indeed able to write a few pages of Dreamer before going to bed, I’m not sure if I’m satisfied with them, but whatever the most important thing is sparking your imagination and writing something, then edit the work later.

Today I spent the day painting. While cleaning out the mess left behind by my former roommates last week, I discovered that my screened in porch would actually be a good place to sit so I painted it, giving it a much needed face lift and a great relaxing feel. I want to post pictures once everything is all  done and beautified. I’m so excited about my kitchen as well because the sink and cabinetry, or shall I say lack there of, is being replaced. I’ve got to hand it to my awesome landlord, he’s doing such a great job with all of it. So once every is complete photos shall be posted, I should’ve taken before  and after shots… Oh well.

Tonight I plan on going over what I wrote for Dreamer yesterday and then hopefully if I am not too tired, continue to write more of the story. Before I begin however my puppy needs to be taken out to potty and then be put to bed.

I’ll see you all later.


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