Back into the swing of things

Since the cleaning and the upgrading in in my apartment is almost complete, I thought that I would celebrate the hard work with a blog post. I know that I have been considered AWOL  for the past two or three weeks; however now that all of the chaos is sorted through, taken care of, and shipped away. I will be back blogging, giving you Dreamer updates, new writing tips,  and sharing interesting new stuff that I’ve learned. I am also sure that I will no doubt embarrass myself in someway shape or form.

It feels good to be writing a post tonight, even though I’m exhausted from the past few weeks writing this post has given me an energy boost; which I’m hoping can last perhaps another hour or two because I would really like to work on Dreamer. Although considering that my vision seems to becoming more and more blurred by the moment, this may prove to be a bit difficult.

I shall give myself a little shake, rub my eyes, and press on.


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