Hey guys,

Has anybody noticed that I haven’t been around in the blogging universe lately? I’m just a tad curious.

At the moment I am in transition, I have roommates who have been moving out of the apartment house, so I have been trying to get the bathroom and kitchen all neat, tidy, and organized. Soon I’ll have new roommates sharing these areas of the apartment so unfortunately this means cleaning from dawn till dusk. I don’t mind it because to be honest they needed a good cleaning, and with my former roommates out it makes cleaning a lot easier.

Now that I’ve nearly completed this lengthy project I want to return to writing. However my want/need to write is seriously depleting tonight because of utter exhaustion, and of course the heat isn’t helping either. So I decided to write a blog post, part because I haven’t posted anything in a week, and part because it might just give me the energy that I need to work on Dreamer. Speaking of Dreamer what did you think of that last post?

Dang I guess that my curiosity is really popping up tonight, I’m not sure why it is, but no matter. Hope you’re all doing well out there, and are staying cool.


4 thoughts on “Transitioning

  1. welcome back! I had not noticed your absence not being around myself…flat mates…messy beggars, that takes me back a bit. A blog post is always the best antidote to not feeling up to epic writing, as I term it.


    1. Thanks, I’ve been pretty fortunate so far in my own experience with flatmates and I am hoping for it to continue.
      I must say flatmates sounds much better than the term roommates.


  2. I have to confess I am binge blogging at the minute, some weeks I read lots of posts and write some then weeks pass with no action, think I lot of the blogs I follow have a similiar pattern at the minute suggesting real life is getting us all lol


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