The Bus dropped them off at Rebecca’s usual stop just a few blocks before the Mount Shadow entrance. As they walked the blocks towards Mount Shadow subdivision she debated whether or not to say something as a word of precaution before they entered the subdivision. In her mind it was more than likely the best thing to do.

“Mandy Mount Shadow isn’t as safe as your neighborhood and sometimes you have to watch your back, so should something occur just follow my instructions.”

“So some of the rumors that I’ve heard in school are true. Will we get into a fist fight? Yell at some crazy person smoking crack?” Mandy asked with such excitement.

Rebecca’s left eyebrow shot up, her nostrils flared, and her mouth was ajar showing a small glimpse of her two front teeth.

“Are you kidding me? You actually think this is a joke?”

“Yeah, come on man there’s no way your neighborhood can possibly be that bad.”

“You have no idea,” she shook her head. “Just stay alert alright?”


They were fifty feet passed the entrance and were just about to pass by Soaring Eagle Drive, a street that was two streets down from her own. When they heard an explosion of fury suddenly erupt from a house the lay just on the corner of Soaring Eagle Drive.

Rebecca stopped in her tracks and directed her attention to the corner house. She heard Mandy ask her, “Dude is a domestic dispute about to breakout?” Rebecca listened more closely and murmured to Mandy “I think so.”

They waited and watched. Rebecca’s stomach had begun to do somersaults and she felt as if she were about to vomit. Mandy on the other hand looked excited as Rebecca took a quick glimpse at her.

The screen door of the corner house flew open and they watched as a suitcase was thrown onto the lawn followed by bits of clothing, deodorant, a can of shaving cream, what looked to be a bag of disposable razors, and a wallet.

They heard a woman cry out in fury from inside the house, “Get out! Go sleep with your fucking little slut booty call. You back stabbing dickhead!”

The woman must’ve tossed the man from the house because he went rolling off the porch and onto the lawn. “Nice throw,” Rebecca heard Mandy say.

“Fucking little cunt,” the man shouted, as he got to his feet to collect his belongings. The screen door flew open again and the woman came bursting out of the house. She went to the back of her car and seemed to have sat something down on the driveway. She got into her car and ran over the item several times. She got out of the car picked up the remains and poured them into the man’s suitcase.

“Oopsy, you forgot your phone,” she said before going back inside.

“You goddamn whore!” He shouted as he threw the reminder of his things into his suitcase.

Rebecca put a hand on Mandy’s shoulder and started to pull her away from the scene, “Let’s go.”


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