The 10,000 word mark

There’s something about this mark for a writer, it’s exciting, cool, awesome, wonderful. To me it’s good mark to reach because I feel like by the time you reach that mark it means that you’re well invested in your story and the the sky is the limit.

My goal with Dreamer aside for to have eventual success is to make it my first novel. To reach that novel mark your story must contain 60,000 words or more. When I was working on Jenny Mac last year I reached to around the 45,000 word mark, so we’ll see what and where this story winds up to be.

Will it be a novella or a novel? My fingers are crossed for a novel.

I am so proud of the direction this story is taking and how it’s really beginning to take shape, and love that I’m so excited about my writing for the first time since last summer. I truly feel like this book will be amazing and hopefully some will relate to this- actually it would be sad if people can relate to this story because of what the subject matter revolves around. If anything though I hope that it can inspire teens and anybody else in Rebecca Reilly’s situation to keep fighting and to rise above the struggles that entails with dealing with two drug addled parental figures.

Here’s to the 10,000 word mark and here’s to another 50,000 more.


4 thoughts on “The 10,000 word mark

  1. Congrats on the 10,000 word mark! I feel like for a writer, that’s the 1 mile mark – if you make it to a mile running, you get into your runner’s high and keep going on and on. You’re in writer’s high territory I think!


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