Are two blogs more than one can chew?

Blogging not only a wonderfully amusing and relaxing pastime but also a gateway. When the idea of blogging first entered my head it was thought up as a stepping stone for my writing career; however over the past two years it has proved to be much more than a stepping stone which would begin the construction of building an audience for my book.

Blogging has taught me quite a bit more about writing, the keys to become a successful writer, and how to take in constructive criticism when some random stranger comments about your work in cyberspace. I’ve learned so much since April 2012. Although sometimes I feel that my old habits, ambition, drive, and strive to become all that I have always dreamed of becoming since the age of thirteen; can sometimes cause me to be a tad bit wishy washy when making decisions that revolve around my career and what I hope will be its future success.

When I started the dreamer blog at, What was it the end of May? I was hoping that I could attract a new crowd because it is a new story, and the story that I eventually plan on submitting to agencies for representation and hopefully somewhere down the line from there to get that book contract from a publishing house. Unfortunately I think that I may have inadvertently bit off more than I can currently chew, writing one blog along with the upkeep can b e a difficult enough task, but two blogs?! I wasn’t inebriated at the time that I thought of doing two different blogs, but it does indeed make me wonder what in the heck I was thinking.

I already have people interested in the story on this blog so why create another one? If people are interested in the story they’d read it and wouldn’t have to click on a link to read it either. So with all of this in mind and in writing and about to be posted, I think I’m going to delete the dreamer site and just stick to this one. It’d be a lot easier and less of a stress, and I can get back to the one thing that I should be concerned about, as well as concentrated on my writing.


7 thoughts on “Are two blogs more than one can chew?

  1. Good call. You don’t need a new site to market each work. You need to market yourself. Your writing. Stick to one site. Talk about your whole process, your books. You can do this and people will come. It will take time. Don’t be discouraged. Write your stories, talk to your readers, be yourself. If accolades come quickly, good for you. If it takes time, well then, you are achieving a loyal reader base. Either way, you get to remain true to yourself.

    Good luck and best wishes.


  2. Reblogged this on Life in a Nutshell and commented:
    I too find this a bit overwhelming (which would explain why I haven’t posted much this year…) I have a tumblr, a Facebook, and a WordPress. So the feeling of writing being a pastime went away and was replaced with an obligatory feeling to write and write and write while maintaining my life as a full time student… To the point that I’d opt out of sharing my own ideas.


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