Freedom is writing and writing is freedom

Throughout my life I’ve faced many of hardships, fought my way through an unbelievably corrupt school system, faced my fears of leaving the place in which I called home for the first twenty years of my life, and stared down almost half of my general fears after moving to Mass. When facing 70% of these hardships/fears I had one dependable tool that allowed me to handle these stresses in a healthy way. Technically I had two dependable tools, my pen and notebook that allowed me to breathe and keep my sanity.

Writing is freedom and I am positive that I’ve said this line once or twice before.

I love the artistic outlet that comes with writing, as well, any ideas that your imagination can give you, and there is absolutely a freedom in that. Allowing your mind to open up or allowing your head to stop spinning if you have all kinds of different things going on in your life. It is one of the best stress relievers and it’s relieving my stresses as I type up this post.

Knowing that one simple idea can take your mind on a journey; scratch that not only your mind but yourself as well. Mainly when I say that I’m usually thinking of book tours but there are other avenues I just can’t seem to think of any at the moment, but give me a break it’s late.


Writing gives you the freedom to express ones self in any form and mine categorize under blogging, fiction writing, and my personal favorite song writing. I love the fact that I can simply immerse myself in any of them.

Writing is a tool that has always been there for me and it can give me the best inspiration and the best motivation. That is what truly makes writing freedom.

Yes these are the random thoughts that cross my mind five minutes past midnight.


4 thoughts on “Freedom is writing and writing is freedom

  1. Five past midnight is my favourite time! Writing really is the perfect pastime where al the rules can be broken…I defy anybody to read your post and not feel like writing.


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