8 thoughts on “Pondering

  1. I have had the same dilemmas in my writing and I find that if I follow what my heart is telling me I’m a much happier writer. I have had 5 false starts, but the one I’m working on now has made the most progress. I too will not give up the story lines of my first attempts, and they all will come to completion one day.

    I recommend that if your heart is beating a little faster while writing Dreamer then go for it. Jenny Mac just might want a vacation too. 🙂

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  2. I think you should follow what seems right and as you feel burnt out from Jenny Mac then by all means go write, be free and a little crazy on something new…Jenny Mac will still be there and like you say you will come back to your previous work a better writer and that can only improve you so it is good thing.


      1. I knew you would make the right decision, what is best is usually right, no sense in pushing something that you don’t feel 100% on.


      2. That’s very true, it would be a waste of time to work on something that my whole heart isn’t in, and I’m sure the writing would’ve been horrible as a result.


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