Learning Experiences

In life we’ll have billions of learning experiences, in career fields you’ll have around the same amount of learning experiences. In my opinion there are careers of many where you are constantly learning something new.

I’ve found that chasing after a writing career will always challenge you whether you’re aware of it or not. Since my break I’ve made it my mission to learn as much as possible, and I’ve received three of the best pieces of advice; which will stick with me throughout my career.

The first was always write, write constantly, write until your fingers fly off. The second piece of advice was to open up your mind and the best way to do so is to read; because we all know that reading increases your I.Q.

The third piece of advice is similar to the second one which is to read up on how to write, practicing your craft, how to sharpen your skills, finding your own unique voice. If you’re not sure where to start with that seeing as how there is a variety of different books on those subjects, I would recommend Writing Fiction for Dummies. It’s a good book to start with if you’re at the beginning and it allows you to sharpen up those important skills as you go.


I myself wasn’t aware of how much I was improving until I starting posting bits and pieces of my story Dreamer. Granted that I still have a lengthy road ahead, but it is good to read those comments from my readers who have noticed improvement. It also gives me a huge boost of confidence and I do hope that I can get better each and every time I post a story.

I’ve been learning so much and as I continue down this path I know without a doubt that I will constantly be learning something, be it a trick of the trade for craft, or another secret of showing, or practices with POV. Some may drag their feet when it comes to learning experiences, I know that I must have for over a year and a half, but I think that you’ll find that trying to dodge those lessons will always come back around until you’re willing to listen.


2 thoughts on “Learning Experiences

  1. You are so right about learning! I started writing more full time last year and after I attended a writing conference I realized how little I knew. I’m glad that I hadn’t finished any huge projects because I am starting from square one (self inflicted decision). Learning the craft is the best way to build something great…you wouldn’t build a house without a little bit of training. Well, I suppose you could, but then it would probably have a slanted roof and tilt a little to the right.

    Another thing wonderful about learning….you can then break the rules in a way that works.


    1. I started back at square one after a dozen rejection by literary agencies, but hey I’d rather be at square one than none at all.
      I love your bit about the building a house gag as well very humorous. 🙂
      Best of luck with your writing, since you’re taking the time to go through the whole process I’m sure that you’ll have a wonderful project in the works in no time.


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