The bus was half full and would surely soon be emptied because it was occupied mainly by people who were getting off of work. Rebecca examined the bus and chose to sit in the back. The back was deserted and she wanted to be left alone.

After taking her seat she looked up toward the front of the bus. A few people were still watching her even after she had sat down. Rebecca made eye contact with one of the people who was staring. He looked directly into her eyes until a feeling of discomfort washed over him; he then weakened his gaze and turned to look out the window. Her stare down seemed to have had an effect on the other passengers because those who had been looking at her had also broken their gaze and turned their attention to something else.

She took her eyes from the front of the bus and directed them to her arm. It was still throbbing and as she pulled up her sleeve to examine the cut, she could see that it was still bleeding horrendously, she examined the sides of her skin between the cut and it wasn’t pretty. The long cut that slid from her forearm to her elbow looked somewhat like a lengthy eyelid that was halfway closed. The way her skin was sticking out worried her and she hoped that the wound would not need stitching.

“Excuse me?”

Rebecca looked up to find a woman in her mid-thirties sitting at a seat across from her, and her eyes were pointed at her wound.

“I’m sorry to butt into your business, but I just happened to notice your arm as I went to sit-down.”

“It’s alright I’m sure that this thing must look pretty nasty and it’s probably hard not to miss.”

Rebecca waited for the woman to respond but instead she grabbed her purse from the empty seat next to her and began to rummage through it. “Ah, here it is,” she said; once she found what she had been looking for.

Rebecca caught a glimpse of what she had pulled from her purse; it was a first-aid kit.

“Come over here sweetie,” the woman said kindly, as she scooted over to make room for her to sit-down.

She grabbed Rebecca’s arm gently and examined it for a moment, then popped open the first-aid kit. “My name is Wendy and I am a nurse at the hospital.” She pulled her hospital ID card out to show Rebecca. “I work in the ER. I also have two very clumsy children, so I always keep a first-aid kit handy just in case.”

“Nice to meet you Wendy, I’m Rebecca.”

“It’s nice to meet as well Rebecca.”

Wendy had begun to look through her first aid kit, searching for all of the items that she was going to need. Rebecca arched her neck over Wendy’s shoulder curious to see what she would pull out and she wondered just how these items would stop the bleeding.

She began to place the items she would be using on the seat in-between them and Rebecca took a long look at each item as she placed it between them. She saw a butterfly band aid; which was twice the size of a regular one, disinfectant cream, gauze, and a roll of bandage wrap.

Rebecca watched the woman take the butterfly bandage from its wrapper and put a dab of disinfectant cream on it. Before putting the band aid on; however she first wiped Rebecca’s arm down with what looked like a large wet nap to get rid of some of the blood. After placing the butterfly band aid over the cut, Wendy instructed Rebecca to keep pressure on it for a moment while she readied the gauze and bandage wrap. She wrapped Rebecca’s arm good and tight, and then just before getting off at her stop. She instructed her to keep her arm above her heart, and she also told Rebecca that if her cut bleeds through the bandages to seek medical attention for stitching. Before Wendy got off of the bus Rebecca thanked the woman for her help and promised to keep an eye on it.

A few stops after Wendy’s Rebecca pulled the cord and was dropped off near the downtown area. As the bus pulled away she took a quick look at her arm, she saw no blood and the pain had already begun to subside; she felt that her arm was going to be just fine.


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