The other day I was asked whats my profession in the back of a taxi cab. I repeated myself three times thinking at first the driver  couldn’t hear me. The third time I told him my profession, he laughed in his throat and said in an accent, “Writing that’s no career.”

I roll my eyes in annoyance as he drives along so angry that people judge you for pursuing your dreams, thinking that they know who would go further in the professional world.

I know there are those out there who constantly try to knock others down all because they couldn’t make their own dreams come true. Either out of fear, or to be pompous, they just think they already know what the out come is going to be.

Gigantic failure that’s what’s running through their minds, and that it would all be just a waste of time.

Personally I find those who can’t dream, refuse to dream, too scared to pursue their dreams, or who laugh at others for chasing personal happiness are the ones who fail in the end.

I feel bad for those who do fail in that sense but I know that wouldn’t help them, so I move on and forward, keep running daring to dream, yeah that’s about 99% of being a writer.

Being a trailblazer, a role model to the youngsters who look up to me, and a fighter because that’s just what I’m supposed to be.

Writers, yeah we take the criticism and turn it into art that’ll go on to be something big in the future, cause we artists who continue to thrive through all adversity.


15 thoughts on “Writer

  1. Let people say what they want, writing is an ancient profession and one of the noblest. Don’t take it personally, Chelsea.

    But I will say, I don’t think dreaming is 99% of being a writer. Being a writer is 100% of being a writer, and dreaming is nothing without practising your craft and improving it.

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      1. Yup. And few writers ever make it to hugeness and success. The ones who do are driven. They stick at it and keep going, all the time. I once heard that the average number of words written for the truly elite writers was like 2000 words a day.


      2. Then write, Chelsea. Write until your fingers drop off. There is absolutely no other way. Dreaming about it doesn’t make it so. Writing like crazy does. I presume you’re writing outside of the blog, I hope you are.


  2. I’m happy you didn’t let him get you down. Did you mention John Green or J.K. Rowling or Nicholas Sparks or James Patterson? I’m pretty sure their career is writing.


  3. Writing is as valid a career as any other and in all fairness I would prefer a career creating and making making myself happy as well as others (always a bonus) as opposed to driving around a familiar area all day. Having people read your work is always going to be better than drunk people forgetting how they got home.


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