Live From My Living Room – Blog Tour 2014

The World Outside the Window


Welcome to the latest stop on the writing process Blog Tour 2014. I am enjoying the beautiful sunshine and the peace I often find during Easter. I am feeling tranquil, relaxed and really pleased that Julie Stock invited me to join this writing process blog tour. I recommend following her blog, it is a great read and a fascinating glimpse into the process of writing a novel.

The idea of a blog tour is one that appealed to me straight away, I like the sense of community you get from recommending other people’s blogs and it is interesting getting a glimpse into the mind of a fellow writer. The next stop on the blog tour will be Anna Mosca and The Jenny Mac Book Blog – these great blogs will be posting on 28th April. Here is a little bit about them –

The Jenny Mac Book Blog

I’m an aspiring author…

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