Over the years I’ve learned a bit about atmospheres, the right atmospheres, the wrong atmospheres, and of course there’s the what in the heck was I thinking when I decided that this would be a good atmosphere to write in.

Usually when writing I would write at home because it was peaceful, quiet, and there was just something about writing in my office that made my creative energy flow; however it’s become a lot less peaceful and quiet recently. Before my internet went out I wouldn’t have thought that writing in a Barnes & Noble cafe would be even more peaceful than writing in my office,  but there’s just something about it. I feel more like a writer sitting in a cafe writing than I do at home. I know that probably sounds extremely cliche however I don’t believe that I actually care how cliche it sounds.

I think that there a a few reasons why I like the cafe atmosphere: 1 I don’t hear my neighbors dogs braking while working, or my neighbor yelling at the dogs for braking. 2 There’s no random distractions, it’s like when I come here no one can interrupt my thoughts, or my thought process. That’s something that I truly cannot stand in the least, especially when I’ve just come up with an idea and wind up forgetting what it was later because somebody interrupted me. I love having absolutely no interruptions.

Now that I’ve said that someone I know is probably going to come looking for me here, just to annoy me. Why is that you ask? Because it’s just my luck.

3 Last but not least I feel a connection to one of my favorite authors when writing in this cafe.

W ell that about it for my atmosphere post, if this was kinda lame my apologizes, but this was about the only thing that came to mind for a post. I do think that the right atmosphere is important for a writer’s creativity however.


7 thoughts on “Atmosphere

    1. Having a couple of beers before writing, now that would be an interesting experiment.
      Of course with my luck when I went back over what I had worked on I probably wouldn’t be able to figure out my thought process.


      1. I think not remembering your thought process could open up more avenues. I know what you mean though, I jot down points for my reviews and later I reread them and get flummoxed by some of my odd thoughts at the time lol.


  1. You completed a number of fine points there. I did a search on the theme and found the majority of folks will agree with your blog. febdcddbkfge


  2. I completely agree that atmosphere is everything. I need to feel comfortable in whatever space I’m writing in. I love the library; it’s one of my favorite spots,,,


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