The two-year mark

 Officially I’ve had my WordPress blog up for two years last Friday and I’d forgotten all about it. So I’m doing a belated post on my blog anniversary.

Wow, I can’t believe that I made it to the two-year mark, when I first started this blog I didn’t know how long I’d have my blog up. Although I’ve got to say that by the two-year mark I thought I would be published, but oh well. Writing is a journey from writing the story to the bookshelves that you eventually hope your book winds up on.

Let’s see last year I did a post about my favorite posts, I don’t really feel like doing it this year. Instead I want to give my thanks to you guys; because without you this blog would not be up because I would’ve probably thrown in the towel if I wasn’t able to gain interest or an audience.

So thank you, thanks for checking in, liking, commenting, giving me writing tips, and feedback. I noticed a while back that the blog reach the 3,000 followers mark, so thanks very much for that. Thanks for the awards, I never thought that I would win blogging awards, or that I’d be inspiring to others.

I appreciate all of this I really do, and feel blessed and I am so grateful in case I haven’t mentioned that already. 😉

Here’s to hoping that this next year will be a success, that the blog will continue to inspire you in whatever way it inspires you, that I can learn more about writing and pass what I’ve learned on to you, and that I can make some good strides with my book and my writing.

Here’s to year three


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