Meditation & Observations

I’ve learned a lot within this three-month hiatus; about myself, writing, rules of writing that I had not yet been aware of, and perhaps the most important thing that I’ve learned is to slow down and observe. Often nowadays we’re all so very, very busy; busy with work, busy with school, busy with life in general. We’re so busy that we either can’t or don’t allow ourselves time; to slow down, time to reflect, to fix something… You get the picture.

It wasn’t until I took my break that I realized just how very little  time I allowed myself to slow down; because my ambition, my goals, and my drive was kicked into overdrive. I let dreams take shotgun as a result my book and writing suffered. When I finally came to rest I realized that slowing down wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Once I did I began to meditate and I observed so much. I learned a few things about the unique craft that is writing, I knew that in order to make my dreams of being a published author come true there was a list of things I would need to do.

  • Read a lot
  • Read books on writing
  • learning from authors
  • Take in the advice of authors, editors, and publishers
  • Making contacts
  • Thinking through every single step of your book from character bios to those last stages of editing
  • Experiment,I’ve said this in a post from a while back and I find that it will always ring true. Writers are much like scientists, in order for scientists to get anywhere with an idea they must experiment. The same can be said with a writer in order for a scene or a story idea to work we can only do one thing experiment. If it’s a success the idea of course will stay.
  • Work on my craft… Endlessly

It’s funny that I had to slow down completely to grasp that concept but at least it’s grasped.

I’ve learned and found that the best way to gain success in life is to slow down and allow yourself to think, observe, reflect, and relax; because lets face it without rest we cannot be successful.


6 thoughts on “Meditation & Observations

  1. Chelsea, welcome back. Sounds like you have a new drive and sound refreshed – great to see. Keep t it. The only rule I use for writing is to write, a lot. And not necessarily one thing, try to step away from your book at times and write something else as well, it gives you perspective.


    1. Thanks Trent, to write a lot sounds like a good rule as well to step away from the book and write something different. I’m thinking about a short story or two at the moment, so maybe that would be a good place to start to gain perspective. Thanks for the tips.


      1. If you really want to be harsh about it, write as though you’re giving up the book. Never define yourself by one piece of writing. You’re a writer, you can do anything.


  2. Wise words and welcome back, says the man who hasn’t been around for a week and a half. Taking a step back is often underrated and always wise every now and then to regain perspective…I like to think of it like being an otter in an ocean, because I am odd like that.


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