Mission Statement

I wanted to write this and post this to my blog as a goal that I can look at whenever I need the inspiration or just to look at as a reminder.



For those of you who don’t know I’m Chelsea Brown and I’m the author of Jenny Mac and the Man of Secrets. For almost nine years I have been attempting to ready my book for publication, and it has certainly been an interesting journey. After completing the book in early 2012 I set out to begin building a platform; via The Jenny Mac Book Blog. However I became obsessed with trying to gather fans and getting people interested in my story, rather than taking in the advice of fellow authors that “I needed to work on my story.” Instead of taking in their advice and taking a long, good, hard look at my story’s flaws; I continued down my path toward publication. Last year I took my first steps into the publishing industry, and I wound up being rejected by 12 agencies within a three month period. So after the twelfth rejection I began to look at my book and took the advice that I should’ve taken before.

Towards the beginning of last summer I began to seek out editors to have a look at my story; within a month I found one and we began working together. I spent the summer and part of the autumn months re-writing my story. However things didn’t work out with the editor, I found myself feeling beaten down, worn out, and completely frustrated. While in that state of weariness I picked myself up, dusted myself off, and started thinking about where I needed to go from here.

In November I announced on my blog that I was tearing down my book, tossing out what I had worked on during the summer and that I was starting from scratch. About a month later I announced out of the blue that I would be taking a short hiatus from my blog; until after the holidays which then turned into a solid three-month break.

Now that I am returning to my blog as well as the blogging universe I wanted to put up this mission statement, so here it is… My mission for my book has always been for it to one day see the light of day and to hopefully be in bookstores everywhere. That of course is still the goal, but in order for that to happen I need to get serious about my writing. By learning, observing, and reading as much YA novels as possible. To take every step necessary to get me to my goal; I’m even thinking about attending writers conferences once my book is ready that is.  By the end of the writing/editing process I hope to have written one hell of a gripping story. I feel that I am currently on that path; I feel more of a connection with my career/writing than I’ve ever felt before.

For my blog fans who have stuck with me, with the blog, and with the dream I thank you and I also thank you for being so patient during my break. I know I said that my break would indeed be short, and by the end of the break I would be posting new material for you to read. I still intend to do so; however I’m still working on a lot of material. Therefore I will not be posting material until it is polished, well written, and ready for all eyes to see. Soon I will be posting about the main characters, but that’s it so far.

To conclude this lengthy mission statement I would like to say thanks again to my fans, I honestly don’t know if I’d be here or still apart of the blogging universe if it weren’t for you. Thanks to all of my new followers and welcome, I hope you’ll stay a while.

Also thank you to all of my fellow authors out there who’ve helped me find my way onto the right track, it is very much appreciated. I’m also very nervous/excited for you to read the new material and to hear your opinions.

Well it’s good to be back and it feels wonderful to have these goals written and posted as a reminder on the blog. I hope you’ll enjoy all of the new material.



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