Two dads get the birthing experience


10 thoughts on “Two dads get the birthing experience

  1. If it were reversed and men gave birth and women took part in this experiment, women wouldn’t. They are sane we blokes have this inbuilt nature to experience everything…in some cases it makes sense to do so, in this one, well curiousity is an ill advised thing methinks.


    1. I agree sometimes women will look at things men do and just think, oh that stupid I’m not going to do that.
      If men gave birth and that same opportunity arose for a woman to experience it; the woman would say no thanks.


  2. This was GREAT! What a wonderful idea to show men what women go through during labor. But that was just for an hour. Remember, we ladies endure that for much longer. Could you imagine if they’d actually have to experience the delivery part too? Thanks for sharing.


    1. I know FINALLY men can understand. I can’t imagine a guy actually surviving the actual delivery. These two here almost vomited experiencing the contractions.
      This is why women are stronger, we can handle pain better than men.


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