I’ll be coming back soon!

The other day I received an email from a fellow blogger and friend who was wondering if my extended absence had something to do with my grandmother’s passing. I told him that it was partially because of my extended absence; however the other half has to do with new blog post ideas, and new material revolving around Jenny Mac.

Granted in December I said that I only needed a short hiatus but shortly after beginning my break from blogging, I realized that I need more than a short break from blogging. I wanted to come back with new ideas for the blog, new material from Jenny Mac, and most importantly I want to come back with a more serious attitude about my work and my writing.

I feel like I’m getting there, but I’m going to need some more time away from the old blog. I’ve been thinking about this a lot over the past month and I think that I will be coming back either in mid February, or the beginning of March.

So I will see you all soon, my apologies for being gone for so long, but rest-assured that I will be back and better than ever.

Till then take care.



2 thoughts on “I’ll be coming back soon!

  1. I look forward to your return, a break is always good and refreshing…it helps things become clearer as well. I am glad you are taking the time and gaining more focus.


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